Americans are Ambitious Wolves

In which a wolf strives toward the moon.

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Global Cooling Foundation   0

Posted on 2006-01-30 18:25. About Diary, Idea Store, Responsibility.

Formalizing Pragmatics   0

Posted on 2006-01-18 18:26. About Diary, Idea Store.

Bayesian Causality   0

Posted on 2006-01-18 18:22. About Diary, Idea Store.

LogMe: A voluntary panopticon   0

Posted on 2006-01-14 13:28. About Diary, Idea Store.

GeoPedia   0

Posted on 2006-01-14 12:57. About Diary, Idea Store.

Responsibility   0

Posted on 2006-01-12 18:28. About Responsibility.

Global War on Islam   0

Posted on 2006-01-12 18:16. About Diary, Truth To Power, Pontification, Anguish.

Crossplatform delivery for Linux/Windows in one binary   0

Posted on 2006-01-04 20:02. About Diary, Idea Store, Work, Free World.
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If I were a Springer-Verlag Graduate Text in Mathematics, I would be Saunders Mac Lane's Categories for the Working Mathematician.

I provide an array of general ideas useful in a wide variety of fields. Starting from foundations, I illuminate the concepts of category, functor, natural transformation, and duality. I then turn to adjoint functors, which provide a description of universal constructions, an analysis of the representation of functors by sets of morphisms, and a means of manipulating direct and inverse limits.

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